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What is Animist Notes?

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Animist Notes is a simple web-based service for taking notes. Lots of notes.

A note is anything that you want to remember. Phone numbers, URLs, recipes, information about people you meet, business ideas. (See more examples.)

Most technology solutions for storing notes fail because they are too complex. They have databases and hierarchies and more features than you need or want. Suddenly that bit of information that took 1 second to enter your head is taking 2 minutes to get out of your head!

Animist Notes reduces this problem to just two radically simple steps:

  1. Adding notes.
  2. Searching notes.

No hierarchies. No sorting. No filing. No overhead. Adding a note only takes a few seconds. It doesn't matter whether you have 10 notes or 10,000,000 notes — Animist Notes will still be effortless to use.

Here are some high-concept descriptions of Animist Notes:

  • Google for your brain
  • A private bookmarking/clipping service
  • The 'long tail' of personal databases
  • A private blog
  • A 'junk' blog
  • A knowledge management tool
  • (For the GTD geeks) a bucket for all those disparate, non-actionable bits of information that take too long to sort, label and file
  • A place to download all those details clogging up your brain, so you can focus all your mental juggling skills on what you are currently doing
  • A front line defense against the modern stress of information overload

Any time you catch yourself thinking "...I don't remember..." that's usually a situation which could have been remedied by using Animist Notes.

To find out more about the why of Animist Notes, read our Philosophy page.

Create an account now to get started!
Create an account now to get started!