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Animist provides personal productivity solutions for entrepreneurs, informal project managers and very busy people, helping you:
  • clear your head,
  • get organized,
  • focus on what is important (not just what is urgent), and
  • increase your potential.
Try our first product:
A radically simple web service for taking notes. It's like an external
brain that you can use to remember everything.
(And it's free!)
Coming soon:
Animist Tasks
A commercial service designed for entrepreneurs and informal project managers, Tasks will include:
  • Support for GTD (Getting Things Done), while not being limited to GTD.
  • Both top-down (Planning) and bottom-up (Execution) modalities.
  • A new, smarter way to mix and sort tasks which encourages big goals and lots of tasks while helping you focus on just one task at a time.
  • Direct email inbox integration, because that's where a lot of your tasks come from.
  • Email-based task delegation, so that you don't need to worry about other people forgetting.